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If you are faced with the decision to wither repair or replace your existing roof with a new roof you need to consider many things such as the current age of your roof. If your roof is 10 years or older, you definitely want to carefully weigh your options because the cost of repairs could be a waste of money if the condition of your roof is beyond repair. Keep in mind that roof leaks can be patched; however, these repairs can be costly and are only a temporary fix.

The amount that it will cost for a new roof will depend on the materials used because the cost of these materials can vary greatly.  Clay roof tile is one of the more expensive types of roof while shingle roofing is one of the least expensive types of roofs. Our professionals at SoFlo-Roofing will provide you with advice and guidance based on your budget and personal preference to help you determine the best type of new roof for you.

If you choose new roof installation we offer a wide variety of different types of roofs to choose from such as: clay tile roof, concrete tile roofing, tile commercial roofing services, shake roof services and shingle roofing just to name a few. We can provide you with any type of residential or commercial roofing materials and roof design in order to customize your new roof to your personal specifications. SoFlo-Roofing offers licensed and certified roof repair South Florida Contractors with experience in both commercial roof repair and residential.

Our qualified roofing contractors will come out and inspect the condition of your current roof to determine if you should choose roof repair and installation or simply recommend patching small leaks in your existing roof. They have years of experience in the roofing industry and will carefully inspect your roof and provide you with their opinion so that you can make an educated decision about your roofing repairs. SoFlo-Roofing contractors are always friendly and professional so you can be sure that you will receive top quality customer service throughout the process.

If you are in need of roof repairs of roofing installation and are considering having a new roof installed; contact the professionals at SoFlo-Roofing for quality service and materials at an affordable price.

5 good reasons to call SoFlo Roofing

  • No Hidden Fees -  The price quoted is what you will be charged. No hidden fees or costs
  • Licensed & Insured - Fully licensed and insured roofers
  • Warranty - You will receive a warranty on all roofing parts, materials and labor
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed - When you choose us for your roof repairs or a new roof, you can be sure that you will be 100% satisfied. If you are not, we will fix it for free!
  • Customer Service - We take pride in our work and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. All our roofers are professionals, knowledgeable and friendly.

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