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How to find a good and affordable %service% in %City%?

There are quite a few roofing companies in %City%. Most of them are eager to deliver a good job but once in a while you’ll find a roofing company that needs to be avoided. We will try through this article to help you make an informed decision and to help you in your research for a good %service%. Considering that your roof is the most important part of your home or business and that it is the only and last protection between you and the elements, we know that you should choose a %service% which you trust. Knowing what questions to ask and how to assess a %service% professionalism and effectiveness is key to a successful roofing repair or roofing installation job. SoFlo Roofing is glad to share this information with you and we hope that your next roofing job in %City% will be handled in the most honest and professional way.

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The %Service% Language

The first thing you want to ask your %service% is “are you a licensed %service% in the state of Florida?”. Your %service% should be able to provide you with a copy of his %service% license or at least to provide you with his license number. His license number should start with “CCC”. You can then visit the DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulation) website and enter the license number in the search field. The status column will tell you if the %service%’s license is Active and in good standing. By clicking on the Name of the Roofing Company, you can also check on complaints if any have been filed against the %service% and how it has been handled. The Better Business Bureau website is also a good place to check on the reputation of the %service%. Having a few bad reviews is not necessarily a sign that you shouldn’t hire a %service%. As you cannot please everybody, the most important thing is if and how the %service% has handled the complains and if he was able to fix things and to turn an unhappy customer into a happy one. If you are dealing with a reputable %service% in %City%,  he shouldn’t have any problem sharing this information with you.

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Tips to select a good %service% in %City%


Ask your %City% %service%’s labor cost

Another question to ask your %service% is “Will you provide me with a detailed estimate?”. Your %service% should provide you with a precise estimate of the scope of the repair or installation that he will be hired to perform, especially if you are dealing with a roof leak or a waterproofing your roof. Your %service%’s estimate should include the cost of labor and the price of the material that will be needed if any. Some roofers in %City% will charge you a global price for labor while some will charge you an hourly fee. Regardless, it should be clear to you what the cost of labor will be. Also, note that some %service%s will charge you a service call fee. This service call fee should be waived if you accept his estimate and hire him to perform the roofing job. It makes no sense for you to have to pay a %service% for both a service call and for the roofing job itself. Ask your %City% %service% to waive the service call fee if you think that his estimate makes sense.

Ask your %service% about the parts he uses

A very important part of the equation is the type of parts that your %service% is planning on using. Ask for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, especially for roofing shingles, roof ventilation, slate roofing. Those are materials that if provided by top roofing manufacturers like TruSlate® or Timberline® should provide you years of enjoyment and safety. if installed professionally, high-end materials guaranty that those parts will fit and are made to be compatible with your current or future roofing installation. In addition you will have a warranty on these parts in case they should deteriorate prematurely or break within typically 1 year.

We hope that we provided you with some valuable tips that will make choosing a good %service% in %City%. If you have any more questions or are in need of any advice, please call one of our friendly %service%s at %phone%.

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